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…And the story continued…Update Sept 1, 2022

“Little did I know a simple little habit we implemented through MKE was the thing that would result in a new business! What was it? Saying “Do It Now” 25 times a day! Here’s the scoop..

One day my husband asked me to make his favorite sauce, I said ok, (while I was busy doing stuff),.. He then said, you should sell it, (as he said so many times before)! But this time, my response was.. ok, why don’t we just Do It Now! (Still in the middle of doing other stuff), and then.. Whoa, I stopped everything I was doing in that moment to reflect on what I just said.. Out Loud!, I realized I had been repeating that phrase 25x/day for 2 months and in this moment, it just rolled off my tongue so naturally! Do It Now! .. That was December 2021, and by May of 2023, I had mass produced 600 jars of Maria Rose Authentic Italian Vodka Sauce!

It is now Sept 1, 2023, and I have 5 local stores carrying my sauce and a food truck too! But the phrase wasn’t the only thing that helped me move forward, it was learning how the power of the mind can work against us with negative thoughts, or be our most powerful cheerleader and positive force leading us to what we really want! MKE taught me how to ignore any feeling of doubt, stop listening to fear, and any questions of, what if it doesn’t work and to shut down any other negative thoughts from my mind.

Everything started to move forward easily! People told me it’d be hard, I couldn’t figure out what the heck they were talking about? It’s not hard to take a step everyday until the job was done?! The universe seemed to put the right people in my life along the way, that were supposed to come into my life including my co-packer. They were the only ones that returned my phone call out of many I called. And then I found out the owner knew my best friend’s family for years and I immediately became his “family”! Fate!:)

So, Looking back, I wouldn’t say it was hard, However, Yes there were obstacles, but that’s different than hard! I’ve heard people talk about hitting an obstacle and they stop there, and think they can’t move forward. Yet, I can’t think of anything that we cannot overcome, except death itself, that there’s not a solution for. There is a way around every obstacle, we might not see it right away, but it is there, keep looking, never give up on your dream!

My Sauce business is still brand new, and I still have a long way to go.. but it’s been a fantastic start so far with a Huge Thanks To.. and a Grateful Heart for the Master Key Experience! If you’re wondering if you should participate in this class? The answer is a resounding Yes! Do It Now!! Do the work, and your life can change too!


MasterKey Week 19

This week there was no webinar, but there was a great Video shared with us! Did you know our posture, and body language can make us feel inadequate, or like Superwoman? I think that on an unconscious level I did know that, but didn’t really know I was on to something until I saw this video.

I definitely related to the speaker when she talked about not feeling like she was supposed to be in college, like she was a fake, because I felt the exact same way! When I was younger I didn’t want to do my homework, especially my book reports, so my Dad would pretty much do them for me. I didn’t feel I was smart, and I didn’t do well in college when I was 18. Later, in my early 30’s circumstances changed my life and my Mom really wanted me to go to college, so I started slow and kept going a few classes at a time, and also went in summer, and got mostly A’s, B’s and only an occasional C, and I honestly wondered who it was that was passing these classes! I was getting through college and I graduated with a Food & Nutrition Science degree and credentialed as a Registered Dietitian! How the heck? Sometimes I still feel like it was someone else and not me that accomplished this! I hated Science in high school, and to get into a program that was science based was a surprise to me! but.. I did it!

I love the fact that it’s so simple to have our body language work for us, having great posture will contribute greatly to our success and the fake it til you become It philosophy! I will definitely be implementing this when I’m nervous about a presentation or any other challenge that comes my way! Thank you MKE!

MasterKey Week 22A

In order to become the Best version of ourselves, we need to let go of the ideas others put on us, we are not what happened to us growing up, and it doesn’t matter if childhood was good, bad, or otherwise, sometimes even parents with the best intentions inhibit a child from thinking for themselves in order to protect them. I know I’m guilty of that for my kids.

So listen to your soul, become a self-thinker, be grateful for every obstacle because it will help you grow, and stay focused on what you Want to be! Know that want you want is manifesting from a thought to the physical through faith and actions!

If you can think it, you can become it! Act as if.. You have the life you want right now! Focus on every success, not what went wrong. The things that go wrong, you have to wipe away, like windshield wipers wipe away the rain ( Rainex), its there but gone in an instant, so I repeat.. focus on what went right, everyday! Our actions are contagious, if we act in this certain way, what we want will manifest, and your light will shine even brighter everyday!

MasterKey Week 24

Pay close attention to your intuition, it really does know more than you Think! ; )

We have come so far since Week 1 of the Master Key Experience, to talk about vibrations, and the mind, the omnipresent and the world within and without, our spirit, and how our life is shaped, meaning why are we where we are in this very moment? All of this was jibberish to me at first, couldn’t make sense of it, but as we progressed, I started understanding… We are an abundance of nothing!.. that’s right, the energy and vibrations and control of our thoughts are so powerful, that we can manifest anything we want and need with our Thoughts. We can manifest our dreams and even heal ourselves! So focus on the positive only, & on what you want, on kindness, love and happiness, serve others because when you give freely, without expectation, you get so much more in return!

So Congratulations to all the graduates of the Master Key class of 2022! .. you are now truly FREE!

Of course.. I have a closing song that popped into my head as I wrote this…

Get Closer (seals & crofts)

Darlin’ if you want me to be
Closer to you, get closer to me
Darlin’ if you want me to be
Closer to you, get closer to me
Darlin’ if you want me to love
Love only you, then love only me
Darlin’ if you want me to see
See only you, then see only me

“Peace be the Journey” ~ Mark J

MasterKey Week 23

The Master Key Experience has been an amazing Journey, we have come so far! On the webinar, Davene said it was a Treasure Hunt, and the Treasure is Us! After exploring all things around us, following the habits, the instructions we didn’t understand at the time we started, studying quantum physics, and finally realizing it’s not the outside that affects us, but the way we GET to Choose How the outside world affects us that’s so amazing!

Now our class is coming to the end, and I feel we have done a 360*, we have circled all the way back just to find ourselves looking in the mirror and the reflection looking back, is now embraced with love. We can now continue with love in our hearts that will vibrate to others and miracles will happen! The Blue Print Builder.. So clear now!

But this is only the beginning… there was and still is a lot to learn, and I will be honest, I was not perfect, and did not always do the work, but I have a foundation. And the knowledge to pick up where I left off. It is so liberating realizing how powerful we really are! And so many don’t take the journey..why? Is it fear? Both Fear and Faith are things we cannot see.. Choose wisely! I choose Faith!

MasterKey Week 22

For those of you that now know me, maybe you could have guessed this week would start out with this Simon and Garfunkel Song? I looked up the theme of why they wrote it, and this was what I found:

What is the theme of the song The Sound of Silence?

Garfunkel, introducing the song at a live performance (with Simon) in Harlem, June 1966, summed up the song’s meaning as “the inability of people to communicate with each other, not particularly intentionally but especially emotionally, so what you see around you are people unable to love each other.

I saw different responses for the meaning of this song, but for today, will stick with this one. It really is sad how people don’t communicate with each other, I mean there’s a lot of talking going on, but Effective Communication is rare. Now, This week we were talking about the conversations we have with ourselves, and how distracted we are so we don’t have to face the thoughts that are really going on inside of us. So the request to be silent, without any outside influences, no technology or people around us. We can be silent with ourselves and learn what it is we really want! Who we truly are, what are our the limits we put on ourselves, because we know, there really are no limits! They warned us that our comfort zone will fight against this request and mine sure did!! Like full on, there is no way I can do this exercise! So I’m taking a deep breath, and it may not happen right away, but my intention is to put some thought into how and when I can make this happen. I am so connected with technology in my business and with my family, they will all have to know I will be unreachable. Honestly being out of communication is scary to me, not because of my own thoughts, I like checking in with me, but what if there’s an emergency with me or someone I care about? Or, What will I miss? Or will someone need my help? And there you have it! The limits I put on me!

Of this entire MKE Experience, this by far, for this Blue/Yellow personality is the Most Challenging! Cheers to all of you and as Mark says, Peace Be the Journey!!

Much Love to All!!

MasterKey Week 21

This week was yet another mind blowing week! We talked about the science of our who we really are, The atom, which we are all made up of, is mostly empty space, but the energy is moving so fast, at 40,000 miles per second, it makes us and all things solid! But that is all just an illusion!

We can and must create our own energy! What do we really want? Meaning, don’t default to what we don’t want.. Focus on What We Want!! The emotion and energy driving our thoughts, will produce more of them, It’s the engine that drives the direction of the train. Want more kindness? Give more kindness, Want more love, give more love, want more abundance? Be of more Value! The moment you drop into the negative, the train will very quickly roll of tracks, The key, is to train your thoughts, so that your thoughts become so automatic, that the subconscious is saturated, all the time, with positive emotional energy!

The Miracle of Life, My daughter is expecting her First baby at the end of June, we are all so excited! This little human already fought to get here, and because of what I’ve learned here in MKE, can be a positive influence on this little boy, so that he won’t have to wait as long as I did to know how Great he is! God willing I will continue my work in this physical space for a very very long time!

MasterKey Week 20

These past couple of weeks have been incredible! Who are we? How can we interact with others in the most effective way possible? Everything we have done in the last 20 weeks have helped us do what others don’t do! Look inside ourselves, not outside, the answers to all our dreams of success are inside of us! I have always been curious about the human mind, and wanted to know more!! I have always felt a natural intuition, and noticed a pattern throughout my life, and that is, when I didn’t listen to my intuition, things turned out undesirable, and when I listened, things always worked out! Truly other people’s opinions have influenced me, but I have now learned to Trust to my intuition. If I start to feel that something isn’t right, I know that means I need to make a change, and I let it go. Don’t fight it anymore I just let it be, and great things happen! 🙂

There are so many people in the world, I wonder how many have the drive to take a class like this? Some folks don’t even realize how much power they have, and knowing what I’ve learned from this experience,it is so clear that some people I talk to can benefit so much, but they just think they have no control and its every other thing outside of them making their lives miserable, it’s so frustrating to see, because I know what they’re missing! Imagine a world where everyone could live in peace and get along! Reminds me of the John Lennon’s Imagine..

Week 20 makes us aware of the reasons we don’t take action necessary to reach our goals! We always have 2 choices, make a choice or don’t make a choice, and if we do nothing, that IS a Choice! Sometimes, we just stay in our comfort zones! We stay there as soon as we feel Fear, Unworthiness, Guilt, Hurt Feelings, or Anger. Time to recognize those emotions as we lead our daily lives so we can change the course to Action! Becoming aware of ourselves is the beginning of all wisdom! Getting to know the person we want to become is exciting! The questions we were given..

What would the person I intend to become do next? ……. &

What am I pretending not to know?

Change the Course! Do It Now!

MasterKey Week 18

No matter what we choose to do in life, I have found there are no shortcuts. Whatever we choose will take sacrifice, starting at the “bottom” and working your way to your goal. But what is that goal? So many people go through life this way: You are born, innocent with all doors open to you, you communicate your needs without any training, or ego, but as we grow, everyone around us, (and most with incredibly good intentions), tell us how we should act, what we should do, and soon we lose sight of ourselves, our innocence leaves us, and the dreams we once had are buried so deep we don’t even know how to find them, and then we get older, set in our ways, working for a paycheck that secures the family, but it’s not enough, there’s a dissatisfaction within us, we blame on our environment or on others. Very few of us search long enough to find out that the answer to our dissatisfaction is closer than we think, its within ourselves. And that is where the Master Key Experience comes in!

We have been learning habits since September, (it’s now January) and it has been an incredible experience, not only the course, but the guides and especially my tribe, our guide, the masterminding we do with each other and the growth we are all experiencing is incredible! I even ended up with a new business, which was something I never thought was possible! (well that wasn’t the right thinking), truth is everything is possible with the right habits! So who is the person you want to become? What Dream did you once have you didn’t think was possible? MKE will help you find it and finally make that dream come true!

Week 17 Hero’s Journey..

We are a group of individuals from different backgrounds around the country who have come together through this Master Key Program! Is it a coincidence that we are all here at the same time? I don’t think so, I think we were meant to meet and I am grateful that we are all supporting each other as we hike through our own personal hero’s journey! We are in the middle of a huge transformation and this week learned about how it can be difficult to let go of our old blue print, of who we were, why? because it’s comfortable not to change, even though its not in our best interest to continue down that old path! But in order to change our circumstances, something must change and that is how we think, and once we change that, we will be released from the chrysalis, and transform into a beautiful butterfly, that flies free from all constraints into a world where everything is possible!