MasterKey Week 9

This week was really Powerful! Right out of lesson 9, What stood out to me are these 2 quotes.. “Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects” And “Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view”.

If indeed thought is what is needed to manifest everything we want to be in life, then it is True that the possibilities are limitless, if we can perfect this practice!

This is not the first time I’ve heard this, but the first time I’m studying it. Last time I heard it, it was stated this way… “The prover proves, what the thinker thinks”. I always loved that too, but had, and actually still have a hard time wrapping my mind around how this works? I’ve also been told, “don’t worry about the how, but my scientific mind challenges me everytime. This is all so Exciting, but will it work for me? Is thought and focus on what I desire really the key?

MasterKey Week 8

This week everything we have been doing seems to be coming together! All of the exercises are training our focus. We are retraining our thoughts to only focus on constructive, positive, thoughts that will produce the results we desire! Cleaning out the negative thoughts by paying attention and constantly checking in on each thought, and utilizing the law of Dual Thought.

This is why the DMP is SO important! If our desired results are not clear, then its like building a home without the plans. Just cannot be done!

Now I understand a little more clearly, however, I’m still not great with the Sit, and I get so busy, (at the end ot the day, I wonder what I was so busy doing), that I haven’t checked in with my thoughts as much as I could be! There have been negative things going on in my life, and I notice them more than I ever have before. I’m hoping that recognition is part of the growth and that I can complete the mental diet successfully soon!

Masterkey Week 7

Incredible week! What stood out? You’re gonna be a Star! How exciting! So far, we “wrote the movie” (our DmP’s) made a movie trailer, been interviewed with a press release, and created a movie poster! Now it’s time to bring this movie to life! What’s also cool, is we will be recording our own song! I love music but never wrote anything, this should be so much fun!

I do want to comment about the Marco Polo app.. Here’s the thing, I was extremely uncomfortable with video, especially when Im not, in real time, talking with someone. That took some getting used to.. it’s been a lot easier lately and today for the very first time, I actually did a FB live without giving it much thought! It was pretty natural! Whoo hoo!! A breakthrough for me!

Thank you Nancy, for encouraging me to participate in that, I’m sure I would have skipped it altogether if it had not been for you! 🙂

MasterKeys Week 6

What a fantastic week! Is there a lot of work involved? Yes! But the thing is, its not the same kind of overwhelm I have felt in the past, its more like overwhelmed with excitement attached! It’s been a rough start getting my movie poster going, and its already mid-week and I’m still working on it! I have collected the pictures I’d like to include, now I just have to figure out how to get it all together!

We’ve been using Marco Polo, and at first I absolutely wasn’t going to utilize it, too shy for that kind of platform, BUT… it’s actually a huge part of this course, so I dove in and it’s getting easier each time. I Love getting to know the individuals in our tribe, and listening to each other’s successes, insights, and ideas on organizing the days around our course work. Its been really helpful!

Everyday is a new adventure!

MasterKey Week 5

This week, It seems I am getting into the flow of the activities I need to be doing everyday, & honestly sitting still is a work in progress. It has also taken me a little longer to link the shapes/colors to my chore card, and DMP, but that’s starting to connect for me as well! So excited that it’s all starting to fall into place!

This weeks MKE was yet another powerful lesson, and this week is No Opinion week! I failed miserably the first day, because my son told me about his girlfriend drama and before I could stop myself out came opinions! ; ). Today is day 2.. I’m more aware and challenging myself to do better!

We are also reading the Law of Compensation, which is taking me a while to get through and comprehend, so another challenge! I do believe that the more we give, the more we get in return, and a practice I am implementing everyday, along with the 7 Laws!

The weeks go by quick! and I am Looking forward to writing my Press Release and getting it done before Friday!


MasterKey Week 4

This week was literally mind blowing!! This is only week 4, and I am so excited for what we are about to embark on! What is the block that holds us back? It is the chemical make up our brains crave, our feelings!.. but we NEED to change them, make the subby, get more in line with what we REALLY want, through our enthusiastic messages we feed it!! Once we align them, anything is POSSIBLE!! How exciting is that!! I’m under construction now, but will be blown away with what is built! Lets go MKE’ites!

Master Key Experience Week3

This week was great! I think that some things are starting to make sense in my mind, especially when we watched the movie clip of the Karate Kid! I had an aha moment and basically just decided right then, just do the work, the rest will come! Not only did the karate kid know how to wax on wax off, but because he did it repetitively, he was able to block quickly, without even thinking about it! Ahh the subby in action!

MasterKey Experience Week2

Deciding to start the Master Key Experience is exciting, and a giant leap of faith, that the outcome will help me identify areas that have held me back!

Week 1 was a lot of transition and information and catch up due to some of my tech issues, but I think I’m mostly caught up, and now feel like I might be rising into some sort of organization to get the work done with MK, in addition to the businesses I run, and also my BNI group of which I’m part of that leadership team!